Rethink versatility - CELEX AT ECR 2020

5/2 2020

A preview of the Celex, a versatile multi-purpose C-arm solution, will be available with the advanced Celex simulator that enables close-to hands-on operating experience of the system. The better alternative to not exhibit a complete Celex system is the Celex simulator; it is perfect for introductions to the design of the system, its simple and straightforward user interface and joystick operation.

Come and visit as at booth #212, Hall X2 and experience this truly versatile solution. Celex is capable of performing a wide range of procedures, ranging from universal radiographic, serial and fluoroscopic X-ray to specialized applications, such as angiographic studies.

Due to a small footprint, minimum install space is required, while the design maximizes the work area around the patient table. Intuitive use and easy access around the table improves efficiency and workflow. Smooth and soundless high-speed movements, while allowing to save and restore any position permanently or during examination prove that Celex was designed with user ergonomics in mind.

The user can easily choose from multiple beam projections, which reduces the need to reposition the patient during the procedure and lead to increased patient comfort. Moreover, Celex allows moving the table out of the beam for reducing dose on e.g. standing DR examinations.

In addition, the detachable table option enables users to detach and park the table top on a trolley in few simple steps. This advanced feature provides optimal space for patients in e.g. wheelchair or on stretcher and it supports any procedure where free space inside the C-arc is required. Attaching the table again is a quick reverse process.

For more information about the Celex, click here or contact your local distributor.

  • Rethink versatility - CELEX AT ECR 2020