Outstanding image quality


A wide range of high-quality flat panel detectors from Canon is the cornerstone in Adora system configurations. The Canon detectors and CXDI software provide fast, high quality, digital image capture on demand and cover an extensive range of radiographic examinations.

With Adora, one detector is all you need. In addition to the docked detector, Adora supports up to two portable detectors. Thus, ergonomics and examination flexibility can be further enhanced by adding a wireless detector to the configuration.

Intuitive Canon software provides sophisticated image processing for premium diagnostic image quality and can be supplemented with options such as Scatter Correction (reduces dose, eliminates grid artefacts) or Advanced Edge Enhancement (enhanced contrast and detail visibility). The extensive portfolio of Canon wireless detectors ensures you the highest performance in workflow, sensi­tivity, image quality and versa­tility, and can even be shared between rooms/modalities.

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