Adora DRFi

Imagine the ultimate hybrid imaging solution for your radiological department. Adora DRFi delivers an unprecedented level of examination flexibility, brings workflow to a com­pletely new level, and matches the fluctuating needs of modern radiological departments.

Rethink the DR room with the inSPIRE edition of Adora DRFi and get one system capable of both excellent static radio­graphy, serial imaging and low dose fluoroscopyand thus enabling one room for all examination proce­dures. With its excellent multipurpose capabilities, Adora DRFi is a versatile solution that fits perfectly in any radiology department.

Adora DRFi allows you to manage more with less, less effort, less resources and fewer exami­na­tion rooms. Most importantly, efficient exa­mination cycles translate into improved working conditi­ons for staff, enhan­ced patient comfort and improved diagnostic quality.

Let yourself be inspired and rethink fluoroscopic and serial examinations. Use posi­tioning fluoro to save dose and obtain first time right, perfect angulation for e.g., orthopedic controls, or for the most demanding projections– and get perfect quality images for diagnostics.

Motorized lateral movement of the Adora table makes fine positioning of the patient even easier, and it can be performed from any of the Adora user interfaces: on the tube, on the inControl and remotely from the control room.

Adora DRFi combines static radiography with serial imaging and low dose fluoroscopy in onesystem enabling one room for all examination procedures and a boost in workflow efficiency.

Control room operation

Control room operation

Adora DRFi features complete remote control from the control room using the ergonomic SmartHandle joystick and the remote user interface.  

The user interface is identical with the interface at the tube, and SmartHandle – with capacitive sensors to prevent unintended movements – enables the same manual operation with smooth, precise power-assisted move­ments as in-room operation of the Adora.

Perform low-dose positioning fluoroscopy with the precision required to obtain optimal angulation for e.g. orthopedic controls or challenging DR exa­mi­nations in general remotely but in complete control.


Intuitive control of the Adora from the control room.


A hybrid solution inspired by you

The unique positioning flexibility stems from having the tube and detector suspended in one ceiling unit rotating around its center suspension axis. The telescopic arms supporting the X-ray tube and detector dock can be positioned individually or in various tracked modes. This facilitates e.g. horizontal projections from each side of the table - enabling both right and left axial hip imaging, without repositioning the patient.

The durable carbon fiber patient table with floating top and up to 340° rotation around the base ensures easy patient access all around the table, and optimum conditions even in small rooms for examinations in wheelchairs and beds/stretchers. Moreover, keeping the room spotless is easy: there is plenty of space under the table for industrial cleaning equipment, and all surfaces on the Adora are smooth, hygienic and easy to reach.

For fine positioning with one degree accuracy, the ergonomic SmartHandle joystick gives smooth, power assisted manual movements in the X, Y and Z plane. A large floating touch screen on the tube displays all system parameters and tilts to always remain horizontal to the user.


Be inControl

Designed to be used during in-room fluoroscopy procedures, it provides full control of the functions you need during an in-room procedure. 4 ergonomic joysticks give you easy access to 3 key control functionalities such as moving the positioner, choosing tracking modes and adjusting the collimator. Use the 4th joystick to control your desired custom functions, for ultimate adaptability. 

Built in sensors in all joysticks, ensure that they are only active when you want them to be. InTouch technology senses the touch of a finger at the top of the joystick, making this safety feature seamless, yet effective.

The optional inControl console provides a convenient way of positioning and controlling the system from within the room. The ergonomic handle and lockable wheels ensure that moving it from a bedside position to a standing examination is no effort at all. Motorised movement means that the height can be effortlessly and seamlessly adjusted to the individual who is using it – ensuring that an ergonomic work environment is maintained.

Experience intuitive patient-side procedures with the Adora inControl console. This easy-to-use console places all the functions you need, right at your fingertips.

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