Celex takes multi-purpose to a new level with wide projection flexibility and innovative features that enhance user ergonomics and patient comfort. 

Celex is a modern, versatile multi-purpose tilt-C X-ray system which in addition to serial and fluoroscopic imaging offers an extensive range of static, DR imaging capabilities. It combines state-of-the-art imaging with unique positioning flexibility, a true hybrid that delivers optimum capacity utilization.

Due to a small footprint, minimum install space is required, while the design maximizes the work area around the patient table. Depending on the clinical requirements – could be the need to perform ERCP examinations – or examination room constraints, the Celex is available in two basic versions with either left-side or right-side suspended table. 

The Celex represents a quantum leap forward in terms of versatility and examination excellence.


Detachable table

Detachable table

The innovative detachable table option enables users to detach and park the table-top on a trolley in few simple steps. It provides optimal space inside the C-arm for variety of examinations. Attaching the table again is a quick reverse process.

The detachable table option enhances versatility and functionality of the system usage: it expands the examination portfolio and increases the patient comfort for examinations of patients in wheelchair and/or on a stretcher. Further, it frees up the floor space for examinations such as iso-centric standing knee, standing/sitting thorax, standing or sitting esophagus, or any procedure where free space inside the C-arm is required.

The inMotion auto-positioning technology enables direct, automatic positioning of the system to already pre-programmed detachable table position. Depending on the clinical requirements or examination room constraints, the Celex is available in two basic versions with either left or right-side suspended table - both support the detachable table option.


Free up floor space for more procedures inside the C-arm with the detachable table option.

Options and accessories

Celex supports a wide range of options and accessories enabling configurations to be tailored to local needs and match both present and future requirements.

The most basic Celex configuration options include:

  • Patient table suspension: Right or left side dependent on clinical requirements or room layout
  • Table in/out position: Three mounting positions to give optimal working conditions for the most commonly used examinations
  • Small or large tube capacity, with or without heat exchanger to match examination load/portfolio


The SmartPanel enables control from the detector housing when standing right next to the patient/system. The user can control SID adjustment, transversal table movement, C-arm tilt, rotation and scan, as well as optional laser cross on/off and retrieve functions.

Laser cross from detector housing (PA)

Two lasers installed in the detector housing which display a light cross projected on the patient in the centre of the X-ray beam. Convenient for PA examinations with the tube – and collimation – below the table.

Detachable table top with trolley

Removable tabletop enables better space for wheelchair patients inside the C-arc as well as stretcher patients.

Mattress, 3 cm

Standard mattress for patient comfort to be placed on the carbon fibre table top.

Table Top Support, CPR

A height adjustablestandfor support of the patient table in case of emergency CPR on the table – easy and quick to bring in place.

Pair of Hand Grips

Grips to be fixed freely along both sides of the table for increased patient comfort.

Foot Rest

Easy to mount in a simple two-step process, it supports the patient during angulation of the patient table. The Footrest can be positioned freely along the patient table at either end. The load capacity is similar to the table: 300 kg.

Mattress, Long

The long mattress (230 cm) is designed to increase patient comfort through the entire x-ray transparent area. It is equipped with an elastic band on the rear side to ensure a fixed position on the table.

Triangular Foam Pads

A set of four triangular foam pads to support the patient in the optimal position. During table tilting movements they may be used in combination with the patient support straps.

Shoulder Support

The Shoulder support provides support of the patient during angulation towards the Trendelenburg position.

Pair of Leg Supports

A set of two leg supports for gynaecological and urological examinations that can be placed in any position along the table.

Patient Support Straps

A set of three adjustable straps with quick-fit Velcro fastenings restrains the patient in a fixed position at all table angulations.

Arm support

The adjustable carbon fiber arm support for use during e.g., intravenous injections of contrast media.

Side bar

The long side bar can be fixed in any position along the table - designed to support the patient while rolling over for various examinations.

IV Stand

The IV stand to be fixed in any position along the patient table to attach infusion bags during the examination.

Radiation Shield, Below Table

The radiation shield gives protection to the operator against stray radiation during x-ray examinations.

Radiation Shield, with Top Shield

The radiation shield is easily attached alongside the table and protects users against stray radiation from the patient both below and above the table.

Radiation Shield, End of Table

The end-of table radiation shield can be used alone or in combination with the radiation shields above to protect caretakers positioned near the patients’ head.

Intuitive user controls

The height adjustable inControl consoleprovides a convenient way of positioning and controlling the system from within the room. Four joysticks and an intuitive user interface allow direct access to key functions such as maneuvering for system positioning, settings, and adjusting imaging parameters and perform all the movements.

The ergonomic 3-axis joysticks are marked in different colors making it easier to visually distinguish the joysticks, while different shapes enable the user to distinguish joysticks by tactile sense. The color on top of the joystick presents the respective colors of the movement controls on the intuitive user interface. 

Built in sensors in all joysticks secure that they are only active when you want them to be. InTouch technology senses the touch of a finger at the top of the joystick, making this feature seamless, yet effective.Take charge of patient-side procedures with the Celex inControl console. This easy-to-use console places all the functions you need, right at your fingertips.

Take charge of patient-side procedures with the Celex inControl console. This easy-to-use console places all the functions you need, right at your fingertips.