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inControl console

Experience intuitive patient-side procedures with the Adora inControl console. This easy-to-use console places all the functions you need, right at your fingertips.

Be inControl

Designed to be used during in-room flouroscopy procedures, it provides full control of the functions you need during an in-room procedure. 4 ergonomic joysticks give you easy access to 3 key control functionalities such as moving the positioner, choosing tracking modes and adjusting the collimator. Use the 4th joystick to control your pre-programme your desired custom functions, for ultimate adaptability. 

Built in inTouch technology

Built in sensors in all joysticks, ensure that they are only active when you want them to be. InTouch technology senses the touch of a finger at the top of the joystick, making this safety feature seamless, yet effective.

Convenient. Mobile. Ergonomic.

InControl provides a convenient way of positioning and controlling the system from within the room. The ergonomic handle and lockable wheels ensure that moving it from a bedside position to a standing examination is no effort at all. Motorised movements mean that the height can be effortlessly and seamlessly adjusted to the individual who is using it – ensuring that an ergonomic work environment is maintained.


Doc. no.: 14200494.3317