Detachable table

Open up for more procedures inside the C-arm with the detachable table option. This easy-to-use feature expands examination possibilities and enhances benefits of extensive movement ranges. 

Celex takes multi-purpose to a new level with wide projection flexibility and innovative features that enhance user ergonomics and patient comfort. The innovative detachable table option enables users to detach and park the table top on a trolley in few simple steps. It provides optimal space inside the C-arm for variety of examinations. Attaching the table again is a quick reverse process.

Maximum versatility and functionality

The detachable table option enhances versatility and functionality of the system usage. Expand the examination portfolio and increase the patient comfort by performing examinations of patients in wheelchair and/or stretcher. Moreover, this innovative feature enables user to perform both fluoro and DR examinations and supports any procedure where free space inside the C-arm is required. This means that already vast Celex exam portfolio could be expanded even further with examinations such as iso-centric standing knee, standing/sitting thorax, standing or sitting esophagus, etc.

The inMotion auto-positioning technology enables direct, automatic positioning of the system to already pre-programmed detachable table position. Depending on the clinical requirements or examination room constraints, the Celex is available in two basic versions with either left or right-side suspended table - both support the detachable table option.

The NRT team keeps the focus on continuous improvements and innovative features to meet future market demands. For more information about the Celex, click here or contact your local distributor.


Doc. nr: 13200202.3519