3rd Adora system installed at Aalborg University Hospital Farsø

Aalborg University Hospital, Farsø, Denmark has been consistent in their selection of Adora X-ray systems. Pleased with Adora’s functionalities and user friendliness, they have chosen to install 3 Adora systems, in order to match their radiology needs. Aalborg University Hospital, Farsø can therefore rightly claim to have the most modern X-ray equipment in Denmark.

The hospital is specialised in hip, shoulder, knee and elbow surgery, including research activities performed with RSA studies. Their first choice of system was therefore the Adora RSA, the world’s only fully automatic system specialised for the precise stereo imaging required in RSA studies.
This system has since then been supplemented with two Adora RAD systems, completing the range of imaging capabilities offered by the hospital.

Adora systems are designed and produced by NRT and was developed in close cooperation with end-users. Adora is a flexible, silent and ergonomic system, which allow radiographers to perform a variety of examinations in new ways.

The users particularly appreciate the ergonomic advantages of this system, which means that they can go through a high volume of examinations without putting unnecessary strain on their bodies. The users likewise appreciate the close cooperation, which exists between the X-ray department, the Danish distributor Santax and NRT. This ensures that meeting the users’ needs are a priority, whether through development or the service and applications training in the new rooms.

The X-ray rooms are equipped with Canon detectors. Both the Stationary CXDI–401C detector, placed in Adora’s detector dock and the wireless CXDI-701C and CXDI-801C detectors, which can be shared between the 3 rooms. All detectors feature the smallest pixel size available on the market, i.e. 125 microns. The system uses the latest Canon NE software.

The X-ray rooms have further been equipped with integrated patient lifts, to assist with patient transfers.
All in all, no compromises have been made while establishing these x-ray rooms, where an estimated 50.000 X-rays per room will be taken a year.

This case was originally written and published by Santax Medico in Danish. 14200497.1817

  • 3rd Adora system installed at Aalborg University Hospital Farsø
  • 3rd Adora system installed at Aalborg University Hospital Farsø