The new multi-functional X-ray system Adora was recently installed at the Karolinska University Hospital/Huddinge X-ray Clinic in Sweden. Section Manager Martin Brenning appreciates the innovative thinking behind Adora.

The Adora is now ready for use at the Karolinska University Hospital/Huddinge X-ray Clinic. Martin Brenning who is responsible for the installation on the hospitals behalf is happy. Apart from minor challenges occurring from the hospital construction side, the installation has taken place according to the plan. The safety inspection has just been successfully completed.

“It went well, the system is approved. Ahead is one month operational test followed by a final review . Adora is a solution that can be fitted to match the hospital’s needs, and the next two days will be spent programming and fine tuning the system. Then it is time to perform the first patient examination. The application specialists from Mediel are here to support, but the regular staff is well prepared.”

“Three X-ray nurses have attended a week’s training at Mediel in Mjölndal and learned the basics. The opportunity for training prior to installation of the equipment is unique and is much appreciated”.

Marting Brenning has been employed at the hospital for 11 years and is now Section Manager at the Medical Technical X-ray Department. He also participated in the purchasing process of Adora.

“We always establish a qualified group of people to look at different aspects of a new system. From a technical point of view, for example, it is important that the supplier has a good service organization.”

Martin Brenning usually listens to existing users of a system in order to evaluate the technical quality. As Adora is relatively new on the market experiences were limited, so in this case it had to be a qualified guess.

“With my long experience , I could contribute with considerations regarding ergonomics and function­ality. One of the advantages of Adora is its general user friendliness. The staff really likes it. Equipment decided and forced upon a department without user involvement is not used the best way possible. Therefore, it is very important to capture the views and opinions of the entire group from the beginning.”

Another important aspect according to Martin Brenning is the high image quality Adora offers.

“But first of all the it was the innovative approach that made me decide for Adora. The complete solu­tion comprising the roof mounting, the joy stick and the built-in light. It is an obvious advantage to have a newcomer in the market. Someone who brings new ideas to reality and who dares trying new ways of thinking.  And who is supported by a well established service organization.”

Translated from the Swedish original – Mediel MEDMERA Issue 2, 2010

Doc. nr: 14200497.1817

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