3rd Adora RSA inaugurated in Farsoe (DK)

3rd Adora RSA inaugurated in Farsoe (DK)

October 22 the 3rd Adora RSA system was inaugurated at Sygehus Himmerland in Farsoe (Denmark). Adora RSA is a unique and pioneering, custom built x-ray system designed for fast, reliable and precise digital image acqui­sition used in Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA), the gold standard in clinical tests of orthopedic implants.

”The x-ray system is groundbreaking and a benefit for both patients and the hospital. It enables more precise measurements and reduces the radiation dose for the patients“,says Mogens Berg Laursen, M.D. consultant ortopaedic surgeon, Department for Orthopedic Surgery, Farsoe.

”The system is much faster than earlier generations of RSA x-ray equipment which gives considerable shorter examination time for the patients. And at the same time the room has been designed to improve the working conditions for the radiographers”, says Annamarie Sparre, Head Nurse, Radiology Department, Farsoe.

Adora RSA has previously been installed at University of Aberdeen (Scotland) and Sahlgrenska Uniiversity Hospital  in Mölndal (Sweden), and NRT has initiated a co-operation involving all three Adora RSA sites in order to share knowledge, coordinate and focus suggestions to further developments, and increase usability and feasibility for future QA applications.

”Sygehus Himmerland/Farsoe Hospital’s choice of the Adora RSA confirms our commitment to provide efficient diagnostic imaging solutions for Radiostereometric Analysis and thus contribute to the efforts to optimize clinical trials of new orthopedic implants and improve patient safety. We are looking forward to the co-operation with Sygehus Himmerland regarding technology, application and the continuous improvement of RSA proce­du­res and system efficiency”, says Mogens Ravn, CEO, NRT – Nordisk Røntgen Teknik A/S.

NRT has made considerable investments in the development of the Adora RSA over the last five years in order to achieve maximum front-end precision and efficiency for RSA. It is compliant with the measurement systems which through many years experience have become market standards in clinical RSA – procedures. With an increasing focus on Quality Assurance of hip, knee and shoulder implants, NRT is confident that there is a very interesting market po­tential for Adora RSA.


For further information:

Mogens Berg Laursen, Consultant ortopaedic surgeon, Ass. professor, Phd, AALBORG UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL NORTHERN ORTOPAEDIC DIVISION, Hip- and Knee arthroplasty, Hobrovej 18-22, 2.sal. 9000 Aalborg, Denmark; (+45) 20946846 / (+45) 99325158, mogens.berg.laursen@rn.dk

Annamarie Sparre , Head Nurse, Radiology Department, Sygehus Himmerland/Farsoe; (+45) 25275102

Mogens Ravn, CEO, NRT – Nordisk Røntgen Teknik A/S, Hasselager/Aarhus; (+45)  51230330

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