A step into the future with the inSPIRE edition of Adora

A step into the future with the inSPIRE edition of Adora

Robotic X-ray has been available from NRT for more than ten years and Adora systems represent a unique solution suitable for a wide range of applications through one-touch, stress-free operation. Since its introduction, Adora’s unique concept clearly spurred a lot of interest and set new standards for automation, ergonomics, examination flexibility and workflow through philosophy that offered radiographers a different approach to system operation. In addition, the hybrid approach has proven to be very attractive for especially Scandinavian hospitals but is rapidly expanding in more European countries.

NRT’s close dialogue with stakeholders and users at all levels aimed at the continuous improvement of the platform and adding functionality to the healthcare sector. Inspired by the market demand and user feedback, the team of engineers at NRT decided to take a step forward and further develop the unique Adora concept, which supported by a ground-breaking design, provides a solid platform for future developments. Therefore, the idea of an entirely new software platform and development framework for the Adora software came to life.

Considering the key attributes of the new software platform, the inSPIRE name and logo summarize vast improvements in many aspects of the system operation:   

  • Smooth automatic and manual operation
  • Precise synchronization and control of movements
  • Intuitive controls for enhanced efficiency and optimized workflows
  • Rapid movements based on advanced motion planning route calculations
  • Efficient and intelligent auto positioning

Released in April 2020, the new inSPIRE edition of Adora takes a giant leap forward in means of speed and movements precision.  The smooth, precise, and rapid movements bring the Adora to a completely new level and boost performance in both automated and manual modes of operation. With advanced inMotion technology at heart, it is a solid and mature system designed for the future, further emphasized by the ergonomic user controls and functions that are a key in enhancing efficiency and workflows in any radiology department.

Among many benefits for the user, the inSPIRE platform marks important development in the following areas:

Enhanced auto-positioning

  • Faster and more intelligent route calculations between auto-positions
  • Library with standard positions including a patient load/unload position for faster prep
  • Save time by omitting table positioning in the route planning

Movements precision

  • inOrbit tracking for smooth 240° rotation around a horizontal anatomy
  • inRotation tracking for smooth 360° rotation around a vertical anatomy
  • Stitching with improved precision and shorter acquisition time
  • Automatic positioning of the tube perpendicular to the detector with inFocus

 Making manual operation easier

  • Movement assist for more intuitive manual movement in the longitudinal direction
  • Limit assist that prevents collisions when moving the system manually close to the pre-defined collision zones
  • Faster and smoother manual operation using the SmartHandle joystick
  • Improved tracking in all manual tube and detector tracking modes

Innovation at NRT begins and ends with people in mind – the focus has always been on providing the best experience for both the user and the patients. Adora’s efficient examination cycles translate into improved working conditions for staff, enhanced patient comfort and image quality. Still embracing the original philosophy, Adora today is a mature and powerful product platform ready to embrace both the technological challenges and demands from users in the future.

Always loyal to its Scandinavian heritage, NRT is a company based on proud workmanship, world class design and engineering. In addition to the unique features, NRTs products are also known for their futuristic design and visual appearance which breaks stereotypes within the x-ray equipment and brings modernisation of the radiology departments to a completely new level.

In parallel with the major software release, NRT decided that the inSPIRE release should be marked with the new, modern appearance. The current design has been introduced in 2015 together with the name change to Adora DRi and Adora DRFi, respectively. A big steppingstone such as the inSPIRE platform represents a new era for the Adora product family therefore the new edition of Adora is characterized by the new smooth and glossy surfaces and a modern visual appearance that enables users to take a real step into the future with this true futuristic, cutting-edge x-ray solution.

Continuous improvements and development of innovative new features to meet future market demands is what Adora is all about. For more information about the Adora systems, click here or contact your local distributor.

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