Adora RF @ DR2014 in Hamburg

Adora RF @ DR2014 in Hamburg

NRT exhibits the Adora RF at Deutscher Röntgenkongress 2014, Hamburg May 29-30: a versatile DR solution enabling both dynamic and static image acquisition.

Adora RF is a pioneering and advanced hybrid solution for multi-purpose examination rooms. It combines static X-ray radiography with serial imaging and low dose fluoroscopic capabilities, and enables an unprecedented level of flexibility. Examinations traditionally made on separate equipment – RAD and RF – can now be conducted on one system for the benefit of both staff and patients.

Direct benefits are efficiency gains such as improved workflow, shorter and more efficient examination cycles, higher patient throughput, and more efficient allocation of staff and equipment. Manage more with less – less effort, less resources and depending on your future department planning: fewer examination rooms.

Canon’s strong and expanding range of high quality flat panel detectors is the cornerstone in Adora system configurations. The Canon detectors and CDXI software provide fast and high quality, digital image capture on demand and an extensive range of radiographic examinations.

Visit the MTS/Eckert booth for an introduction to the complete Adora line of advanced, fully automated and ergonomic DR imaging solutions, and experience the Adora RF in action!

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