Adora supports Canon CXDI-70C and CXDI-80C Wireless detectors

A strong and expanding range of high quality flat panel detectors from Canon is the cornerstone in Adora system configurations. The Canon detectors and CDXI software provide fast, high quality, digital image capture on demand and cover an extensive range of radiographic examinations.

Adora supports the Canon CXDI-70C Wireless which takes direct digital radiography (DR) to a new level of flexibility in radiographic examinations. The 70C features a smaller pixel size and a higher sensitivity than previous detectors, and enables reduction in radiation doses while maintaining a consistently high imaging quality.

The 35 x 43 cm large lightweight Canon CXDI-70C fits into the Adora docking station and can be used as stationary as well as a portable, wireless detector. It can also be added to Adora system configurations as an extra detector to further enhance ergonomics and examination flexibility. The Canon CXDI-80C Wireless, which will be released by end of November 2011, is identical with the 70C but smaller in size (27.4 x 35 cm) and available for Adora as an extra, portable, lightweight detector.

More product information about the Canon 70C and 80C detectors.

More information about the clinical relevance of low dose examinations in a study abstract from the Conrad Research Center (DK).

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