Bringing back the most successful modality in NRT history

Bringing back the most successful modality in NRT history

The Celex history goes back to 1978 when NRT’s multi-purpose C-arm Mylo-X received global acknowledgement. In the following years, more than a thousand units were sold in the forms of NRT Mylo-X, Philips MD1 - MD4 as well as GE MPi (Multi-Purpose interventional).

From the early beginnings, the modalities were well-received by the industry partners and personnel operating the systems on a daily basis.  Besides its ease of use, the systems were engineered for maximum uptime and high workflow, thereby reducing overall operating cost. This paved the way for NRT to become an industry recognized quality supplier of multipurpose tilt C-arm solutions based on proven and innovative high-end technology.

Encouraged by the success and positive user feedback, the team of engineers at NRT decided to take a step forward and further develop the concept. NRT’s experience, already proven technology and world class design raised the bar and set a new standard within the multi-purpose C-arm segment.  

“Having worked with the multipurpose positioners since 1997 in the form of MD 3 and 4, it was the MPi project that pulled me into the full system integration and extensive field work in various markets. From watching the operators perform complex interventional studies, the importance of perfect sub-system integration and ease of use – especially table side - quickly became clear.” -says Poul Winther, project manager at NRT.

Poul experienced firsthand how specific studies would benefit from extended movement ranges and how more intelligent operation and configurability could ease the operation and increase the workflow. Dynamic flat panel detectors were just starting to become attainable, so it was his dream to develop a new generation of multipurpose systems perfectly integrated with a high quality FPD driven image chain and large informative, and intuitive user interfaces.

Introduced in 2017, the Celex is building on the legacy of the most successful modality in NRT’s history and represents a solution with versatile and powerful operations. While all previous versions of multi-purpose C-arms from NRT were based on image intensifiers, the Celex is the first of any system in this modality to have its design dedicated for flat panel. With CXDI-50RF detector technology incorporated, it allows true DR capability and even wider range of possible procedures than existing multi-purpose systems.

Innovation at NRT begins and ends with people in mind – the focus has always been on providing the best experience for both the user and the patients. Celex takes multipurpose to a new level with wide projection flexibility and innovative features that enhance user ergonomics and patient comfort.

Proud of the outcome, Poul says: “The system was based on the most successful construction principles from the previous systems – the reliable mechanics and the small footprint – while everything else was designed from the latest technology. It is exciting to see that the final system is even beyond what I had dared to dream from the outset”.  

With its small footprint and design that allows maximal work area around the patient table, Celex has been designed to meet clinical needs. Intuitive use and easy access around the table improves efficiency and workflow. Depending on the user requirements – it could be the need to perform ERCP examinations – or examination room constraints, the Celex is available in two basic versions with either left side or right-side suspended table.

Besides numerous outstanding options and accessories, the innovative detachable table top option enables users to detach and park the table top on a trolley in few simple steps to provide space for patients in e.g. wheelchair or on a stretcher and to support any procedure where free space inside the C-arc is required.

The NRT team keeps the focus on continuous improvements and innovative features to meet future market demands. For more information about the product, click here or contact your local distributor

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