Days in the dark?

Days in the dark?

Diagnostic X-ray rooms are often, and for good reasons, literally kept in the dark. Natural or strong light sources can interfere with many aspects of a radiological exam, from accurately collimating the field of exposure, to viewing X-ray images on the diagnostics screens.

But spending an entire work day in dark or dim lighting conditions can definitely take its toll on radiologists and radiographers. Eye strain and headaches among radiological staff can occur due to too little light or too much light, depending on their task at hand. Whether it be viewing image details on the In-room monitors, interacting with patients or using the illuminated collimator field to ensure correct positioning.

Adora features a built-in light, which dims down automatically, as users perform actions that require darkness. Its default setting is a soft-toned light, which helps create a better overall work environment.
Key Advantages of the built-in light:

The light is fully automatic. It is turned on along with the system and will shut down to the lowest light setting while the system performs actions, such as collimation, which requires darkness. It eliminates the need to manually turn the lights on and off on a busy day.  

The light levels can be adjusted to fit the lighting conditions of the X-ray room. The images above illustrate the difference in a room with natural light sources and without. The time in which the light is dimmed down is also fully adjustable.

The soft light does not produce glare, but provide a comfortable atmosphere for patients and hospital staff alike. The adjustable dimmer time, provide a less daunting experience for patients, who are not suddenly subjected to prolonged darkness, while being positioned underneath the X-ray tubes.

Adora’s light is built into all systems in the Adora Range. Together with a suitable artificial lighting installation, it helps to optimize lighting conditions for a fast, accurate and comfortable X-ray experience for staff and patients. For more information, please contact your local distributor

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