First Adora DRi system installed in the Middle East

First Adora DRi system installed in the Middle East

NRT and Amico Group medical imaging have installed the first Adora DRi X-ray system in the Middle East region at the Dubai Bone & Joint Center (DBAJ), the first Premier Center for Musculoskeletal Treatment and Complementary services in the United Arab Emirates.

The decision to install Adora DRi was a natural step in the continuum of care for Dubai Bone & Joint Center. The Adora DRi system was selected amongst other contestants by DBAJ due to the range of benefits that Adora DRi provides simply by virtue of its flexible design, premium diagnostic image quality, as w ell as the extensive portfolio of high-resolution wireless Canon detectors.

Roderick Q. Nieva, Sn. Radiologic Technologist at Dubai Bone & Joint Center says:

“We selected the Adora DRi system due to its obvious flexibility in positioning, along with its excellent image quality which benefits our orthopedic services. Its user friendly approach eases operation and reduces time spent in making the x-ray examinations.”

Engineered in Denmark, NRT’s x-ray system has been designed with end users in mind. Through extensive development collaboration among users, engineers and designers, Adora DRi combines outstanding technical quality with a unique approach to user friendly design.

NRT and Amico teams completed the installation, clinical training and turnover of the fully operational system to the customer in a considerably short period.
NRT and Amico Group remain confident that this will be the first of many Adora DRi x-ray systems to be installed in the Middle East in the years to come.

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