First Adora installation in Czech Republic

First Adora installation in Czech Republic

Over the summer, a new Adora DRi has been installed at Motol University Hospital which is the first Adora installation in the Czech Republic.

Motol University Hospital is the largest healthcare facility in the Czech Republic and it performs more than 250.000 radiological examinations a year in total.

The Adora DRi has been installed in the emergency unit, a busy unit with a high patient flow. Around 34000 patients a year is admitted to the unit for emergency X-rays and the Adora room will have a patient flow of roughly 70.000 patients per year.

Adora was chosen for the unit based on its capabilities to meet the high demands for patient throughput, offer a wide spectrum of examinations as well as its manoeuvrability. The rotating table and the free moving detector arm was particularly important, as it allows the operators to perform X-rays on patient arriving on emergency trolleys without repositioning them. 

Aura Medical is responsible for the sale, and NRT is more than pleased with entering a new market with them at the helm.

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