Adora DRi chosen for Landspitali, Iceland's University Hospital

8/2 2016

February 8, 2016; Aarhus, Denmark; Landspitali, Iceland’s University hospital in Reykjavik and the main hospital in Iceland has selected NRT’s Adora DRi as their DR x-ray system of choice for the coming years. The dual telescope concept with flexible auto-positioning of both the x-ray tube and the detector, e.g. allowing double-sided hip examinations without patient re-positioning contributed to the decision.

The first system is scheduled to start operation in the hospital’s Fossvogur site during the spring.

NRT is pleased with this recognition of the latest version of the Adora systems’ ergonomic and automated characteristics.

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  • Iceland’s University hospital selects Adora DRi x-ray system in frame agreement