Meet NRT at the 3rd international RSA Meeting in Lund

Meet NRT at the 3rd international RSA Meeting in Lund

NRT is proud to sponsor the 3rd biannual International RSA Meeting which will take place May 22-24 in Lund, Sweden, and will be present at the associated exhibition for introductions to the Adora RSA system.

Radiostereometric analysis (RSA) has matured over the past 40 years and is by healthcare scientists considered the ‘gold standard’ in terms of assuring quality of implant’s performance in patients after surgery. Recent initiatives by for example EU to improve patient safety through a revision of the Medical Devices Directive support application of the methodolo­gy as pre-requisite in stepwise clinical introductions and quality assurance of new orthopaedic implants.

NRT’s Adora RSA is a state-of-the art system designed and developed to automate the image acquisition procedures and to provide optimum precision and reliability in RSA studies.

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