New Adora X-ray systems bring improved versatility, comfort and efficiency to radiological departments.

New Adora X-ray systems bring improved versatility, comfort and efficiency to radiological departments.

February 1, 2016; Aarhus, DK; Two new versions of the Adora product line were released by the end of 2015 and shipments have started.

Building on a concept for ergonomy, flexibility and automation, Adora DRi and Adora DRFi are powered by the new inMotion software technology providing more intelligent auto-positioning by calculating the shortest and safest route prior to each individual run.

New design elements such as inTouch, sensing the touch of a hand for joystick activation, foot switch auto-positioning, generator control and image preview at the x-ray tube touch monitor, selectable monitor color schemes, and further functionality selections based on user feedback, all adds to safety, intelligent workflows and automation for modern radiology departments and users.

Table swivel rotation and automated positioning of both the x-ray tube and the detector anywhere in the room enables unmatched projection flexibility for standing, supine, wheelchair bound and trolley patients including cross lateral hip patients from both sides of the table without patient repositioning. This serves to minimise unnecessary patient lifts and maximise the adaptability of the X-ray room.

Whereas Adora DRi can perform the full examination range with one detector, the complete portfolio of high-end low dose Canon detectors is available with the system. In addition to static imaging capabilities, the Adora DRFi provides extensive dynamic imaging capabilities, in one combined solution.

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