NRT 40th anniversary 2015

16/9 2015

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of NRT, which was celebrated on the premises in Hasselager (DK) this past weekend. Over the last 40 years, NRT has undergone a substantial development: Originating as a service company, it has gone through a period as a specialised positioner manufacturer and grown into a successful developer of complete systems, such as the Adora product line. Throughout the years, more than forty different system designs have been developed at NRT and delivered worldwide.

In the past, as well as today, continuous innovation inspired by users remains the lifeblood of the company. Building on the strong foundation of forty years worth of experience and engineering knowhow, NRT continues to innovate, and setting new standards for ergonomy, flexibility and design. 

  • NRT 40th anniversary 2015