NRT and Aarhus University Hospital join forces in Adora RF project

NRT and Aarhus University Hospital join forces in Adora RF project

NRT joins forces with Aarhus University Hospital in a cooperative effort to exploit and document the full potential of Adora RF, the most recent member of the Adora product family, and further refine and optimize the solution to match the clinical requirements of users and patients in the future.

Adora RF is a versatile and cost-effective hybrid solution for multi-purpose examination rooms. Based on Adora RAD with its unique flexibility and excellent ergonomics, Adora RF is by default equipped with the Canon CXDI-50RF flat panel detector enabling both fluoroscopy, static X-ray radiography as well as serial imaging. Thus, examinations traditionally made on separate equipment – RAD and RF – can now be conducted on one system which again allows for new examination procedures.

Direct benefits are efficiency gains such as improved workflow, shorter and more efficient examination cycles, higher patient throughput, and more efficient allocation of staff and equipment. This translates directly into enhanced patient comfort and improved diagnostic quality, and staff benefits from reduced stress and physical strain in one-room-exams using a system, which in all aspects is straightforward to use and designed to minimize heavy work.

In addition to Aarhus University Hospital, the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg and Ljusdal Sykehus, both located in Sweden, participate in the project with special emphasis on knowledge sharing and identifying best practices.

The project is partly funded by the Danish Business Innovation Fund.

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