NRT has released the inSPIRE edition of Adora DRFi

NRT has released the inSPIRE edition of Adora DRFi

Aarhus, Denmark, April 2020

NRT has released the inSPIRE edition of Adora DRFi for immediate delivery. This represents a giant leap forward in terms of advanced functionalities and visual appearance confirming Adora as a true futuristic, cutting-edge x-ray solution.

The Adora DRFi is a unique state-of-the-art solution for multi-purpose examination rooms. It combines static radiography with serial imaging and low dose fluoroscopic capabilities and enables an un­­precedented level of examination flexibility and capacity utilization.

Examples of direct benefits are efficiency gains such as improved workflow, shorter and more efficient examination cycles, higher patient throughput, and more efficient allocation of staff and equipment. Any hospital or clinic can manage more with less: less effort, less resources and, depending on future requi­re­ments: fewer examination rooms.

The hybrid approach has proven to be very attractive for especially Scandinavian hospitals but is rapidly expanding in more European countries.

With Adora, robotic X-ray has been available from NRT for more than 10 years, and the inSPIRE edition takes it to a completely new level of excellence. With advanced inMotion technology at heart, it is a solid and mature sys­tem designed for the future, further emphasized by new smooth and glossy surfaces and a modern visual appea­rance.

The inSPIRE name and logo summarizes key attributes such as smooth, rapid and precise – all refer­ring to the vast improvements in speed, synchronization and control of movements – as well as intu­itive and ef­fect­ive which refer both to the user controls and movement patterns deriving from the ad­van­ced motion planning route calculations.

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