Remote Control and Isocenter Tracking

Remote Control and Isocenter Tracking

The Adora platform is continuously enhanced with new functionality as a result of the close dialogue with clinical staff at hospitals. Recent new features add more control options and examination flexibility to the system, all for the benefit of staff and patients.

Remote Control comprises a wireless, programmable, remote control unit for one-hand operation as supplement to the SmartHandle and Control panel at the patient table. It is easy and intuitive in use, is seamlessly integrated with the remaining control functions, and enables close contact with patients during positioning adjustments of the system for examination.

Isocenter Tracking enables operators to make different exposures of the same anatomy by changing the angle of either the tube or the detector. The technique has been developed to make the tube and detector rotate on an imaginable sphere, and is highly useful in examinations where multiple precision images of the same anatomy are needed. Isocenter Tracking is a software feature and is configured and operated from the Adora touch screen.

Both options are supported from software release 3.1.2011 or later.

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