Top 10 Adora features we demonstrated at ECR 2016

Top 10 Adora features we demonstrated at ECR 2016

Following this year’s European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, we would first of all like to thank those of you who participated. It was good to, once again, be present at the Canon booth. Throughout the exhibition, we were pleased to have the opportunity to talk to visitors at the booth, demonstrate Adora DRFi and receive immediate feedback on the new design.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of positive attention we received by visitors at the conference which confirmed that Adora DRFi has some unique features and benefits. So here it is - the top 10 Adora DRFi features our team demonstrated at ECR:

  1. All Adora systems are designed with a unique rotating ceiling unit which allows +/- 270°  rotation. This provides unmatched positioning flexibility and allows lateral examinations, such as right and left axial hip studies to be performed without moving the patient.
  2. Combined with Adora’s flexible twin column design, these unique features allow easy access anywhere around the patient.
  3. The floating table top further increases flexible positioning as adjustments can be made with a minimal effort and without moving the patient. It allows for +/- 10 manual longitudinal floating and +/- 20 cm motorized and manual transverse floating.
  4. The patient can be positioned on the table as preferred, i.e. with the head towards the base or the end of the table. Because the table is able to rotate, it maximises floor space utilization and provides optimal access for bedside and wheelchair examinations – a necessity in smaller rooms and a convenience in larger rooms.
  5. With new inMotion auto-positioning technology, the movements between predefined auto-positions have become smoother, faster and more direct.
  6. With inRotation circular movements, Adora DRFi is able to rotate 360 around standing patients and 240° around horizontal extremities.
  7. Align tube to detector or detector to tube with a single push of a button; inFocus does just that.
  8. Further, inOrbit for isocenter tracking and inTurn for swift 90⁰ projection changes, expands the range of examinations which can be performed on Adora DRFi.
  9. Both by design and usability, the unique inControl console for in-room examinations completes the range of configurable system components for the Adora DRFi platform and provide users maximum freedom and flexibility in configuring solutions that match their exact requirements and provides a platform for change and adaptation to future needs.
  10. The intuitive SmartHandle and the tube touch interface provides controls right where you need them for fast, efficient workflows. Adora features inTouch sensors in all joysticks, which prevents unintended movements

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